Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Model?

There are many perceptions of what it takes to be a model, the most common being you need to be beautiful, tall and slender with perfect proportions. This is true but sometimes a quirky or an unusual face can be interesting as well. However, whatever your look, there are certain minimum criteria.

In fashion modelling, girls should be at least 5ft 8ins tall (1.73cms) and proportionately around 34-24-34 (86cm-61cm-86cm). A male model should be at least 6ft tall (1.83cms), chest 40 (suit regular), and inside leg 33ins (84cm). You should have clear skin, good hands, nails and teeth, healthy hair and regular features.

What you do need to understand is that modelling is a career, not a part time job. It requires dedication and patience because, with very rare exceptions, it doesn’t happen overnight. Just as important, models need to have the right attitude for this type of work. A model must be alert, intelligent, resourceful, reliable, patient, good-natured and must also have a great deal of common sense and a good sense of humour!

It is an exciting career where only the few are chosen.